What makes a Martial Arts Student?

What is a "Typical" Martial Arts student?
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Well, some are fit some are much less than fit (when they begin) some are young and some are old(er) some male and some female. They are teachers, bank managers, mothers and fathers, business people, trades people, salesmen, school children and teenagers. They are prison officers, policemen and women, social workers and students. They are married, single, some with children and some without.

In short Martial Artists can be almost ANYONE. You do NOT have to be super fit to join. KJN John, started to support his young son and as a way of losing weight and getting fit. Learning a valuable, potentially life-saving skill was secondary. However, for some this is the main reason for joining. Others come because of the social aspect. You will meet many new people. Some go on to travel around the country and even the world. Others are content just to get and keep fit by training locally.

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Practising Korean martial arts a great way to spend time together as a couple, or maybe to have a shared interest with your children. There are a great many martial arts "Black Belt Families".
Kuk Sool/Hapkido training is ideal for both ladies and men. In fact at Morecambe Martial Arts, we have almost as many female students as male! This is probably because of the fact that martial arts provides an interesting alternative to fitness regimes such as aerobics whilst also teaching valuable self defence techniques which can be used by students of all sizes and strengths.


Many instructors will tell you that a Black Belt is just a White Belt who never gave up and others will say that a Black Belt is just something to hold your trousers up! 
In fact "Black Belt" is as much a state of mind as anything else. It's about learning, practising and working hard, but most of all its about having a "never give up" attitude. With the right attitude, that covetted title is almost guaranteed. 
In our dojahng we have a banner declaring "THIS IS A BLACK BELT SCHOOL". It hangs besides another which says "WE NEED MORE PRACTISE". When everyone understands that the second one will always be true, and has the willingness to put it into practise, the first banner becomes a reality. 

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On the left you will see a picture of our Academy's first ever tournament team, which competed in the Kuk Sool Won European Championships in 2004. Since then we have competed in many competitions, all over the world with great success. We keep this photo on our website as a reminder of how far we have travelled since then.

"All things are like a river.
We never enter the same river twice"