Senior Students

Senior Lessons

At present we have classes for "Adults" (usually aged 15 and over) twice a week, which is growing in popularity.
Although warm ups can be quite energetic, those who are lacking in fitness need not worry, as they will not be expected to "keep up". Everyone works at their own pace, trying to improve each week. 

KJN John also takes a more traditional warm up, which includes a number of "Mohm Puhl Ki" (body condtioning exercises) similar to yoga exercise and designed to strect and gently exercise every muscle and joint in the body. 
During the rest of the class, on both nights, you are likely to take part in kicking and hand striking drills as well as learn basic and advanced falling techniques. You may go on to forms practise (Forms or Hyung, are a series of choreographed "moves" including blocking, striking and kicking and are an excellent alternative to aerobics). There will be some time spent on self defence techniques which are taught according to a system devised over many years, with different sets of techniques for each belt level. Our syllabus includes the practise of a number of different weapons, making an interesting change from regular practise. 
Classes may conclude with some breathing and meditation exercise as a relaxing finish to your efforts. 
Don't worry about your current fitness levels as most who start training have done no exercise at all for many years. Progress is gradual but noticeable and you will soon be surprised by the things you can do.