Current Timetable of Lessons

TUESDAY            5.30 P.M.   to   6.15 P.M.      UNDER 9.s
TUESDAY            6.30 P.M.   to  7.20 P.M.       JUNIORS 9 to 15
TUESDAY                7.30 P.M.   to   9.00 P.M.             SENIORS

WEDNESDAY       5.30 P.M.   to   6.15 P.M.      UNDER 9.s
6.30 P.M.   to  7.20 P.M.       JUNIORS 9 to 15

THURSDAY          5.30 P.M.   to   6.15 P.M.          UNDER 9's
THURSDAY          6.30 P.M.   to   7.20 P.M.         JUNIORS 9 to 15

THURSDAY          7.30 P.M.   to   9.00 P.M.          SENIORS



We teach the traditional values of the martial arts, but with an upbeat and enthusiastic, modern approach. In addition to providing a comprehensive fitness programme, , we train you in a variety of self-defence techniques. By taking control of situations that are difficult, or even life threatening, you greatly enhance your ability to effectively defend yourself and perhaps your family and friends.
Classes are all held under the expert eye of highly trained Black Belt Instructors. For the added peace of mind of parents, all instructors are fully police checked by the Criminal Records Bureau, and school owners undergo enhanced disclosures.
Because of the wide syllabus, classes vary enormously. However, a "typical" class might consist of a general warm up (incorporating games if it is a Junior lesson) followed by some body conditioning and breathing exercises. Then perhaps some basic blocking, along with handstriking or kicking practice followed by falling techniques. Some lessons will include various types of empty hand forms practice (set moves practiced individually or as a group). Others will involve the tuition and practice of a wide range of self defence techniques. We might finish off with some meditation techniques to send you away refreshed!
When you walk into the dojahng, you are never certain exactly what you are going to be doing, but you can be certain that lessons are always enjoyable and always varied.

At Morecambe Martial Arts we realise that students are looking for value for money and so we strive to keep our fees competitive and have regular special offers for new students. We have found that these days most people look on Facebook for their information and details are published there, rather than spend time updating this site. If you want up to date information just phone on 07979 544466.


Should you miss a grading test that you have paid for, for ANY reason, or do not pass first time, then you may take part in the next test FREE OF CHARGE.

We encourage our students to take part both in our own tournaments and seminars, as well as those run by other organisations. We have found that this helps encourage them to keep training and improve their skills. Such events involve a LOT of hard work in planning, preparation and on the day itself. Tournaments involve considerable expense for medals, trophies, certificates etc Often, extra equipment is used (mats, weapons, sparring gear etc.) which the organisers would not purchase if they were not running such events. To enable the organisers to calculate and order the correct number of awards (which are usually special order and only useful for a single event) in time, there is invariably a closing date. Beyond this date refunds are not usually given. In fact, most organisers don’t allow refunds at any time after booking.

For our own tournaments and seminars, however, should a student need to cancel BEFORE the closing date, we WILL give a full refund. We always publish a closing date and typically this is two to three weeks prior to the event. After the closing date for tournaments, as we will already have ordered the necessary awards etc., we cannot issue a refund. Should a student need to cancel after this date, through no fault of their own, due to sickness, or other emergency, we will consider allowing them to transfer their entry to the next available event of the same type. In the case of seminars, these usually have a restricted number of places. Therefore, if the event is fully booked and a student cancels, we will give a refund even after the closing date PROVIDING THAT we are able to fill their place before the event. Otherwise, we will consider transferring their entry as for tournaments. 

Some of the most important lessons which we, as martial arts students can learn, are Patience, and Respect for our Elders and our Teachers. The touching video shown below which I found on another martial arts website explains it perfectly...

Image 1

Your principal instructor is 6th Dahn, Chohn Kwan Jang Nim (CKJN or Chief Master) John Ward, pictured left. John's first Instructor was KJN  Phillip Hinchliffe, but he also recieved a lot of instruction from JIKJN (6th Dahn) David Williams, now resident in Calgary, Canada. However during his martial arts career, he has recieved valuable instruction from JDKJN (7th Dahn) John Ives and JIKJN John Watson. He has also attended many seminars with Kuk Sa Nim In Hyuk Suh and his sons, Alex and Sung Jin Suh. His current Instructor is 9th Dahn Rudy Timmerman, who is also Grand Master of Kong Ship Bup, which is quite possibly the most complete martial art available today.
On several occasions, along with his partner and most senior student KJN Angela Prince, he has toured part of the USA and Canada and received instruction from a great many Masters and Grandmasters of many different martial arts. He is always open to accepting tuition form anyone of any rank in any style, as he believes that noone can ever truly "know it all" and that we can all learn from everyone else. Likewise his own knowledge has been in demand and he has accepted a number of invitations to teach training seminars at a number of martial arts schools in the UK, USA and Canada.

John was UK Senior Grand Champion in the UK WKSA Tournament in 1999, 2000 & 2001. In 1999 he was a gold medallist in the World Championships held in Houston, Texas, USA and he achieved three medals, second third and fourth place in the 3rd Dahn Category at the 50th anniversary competition in Katy Texas.
Once he reached 4th dahn, there were no competitions available to him within the WKSA (although this rule has since changed) but since leaving WKSA John has competed in several "open" competitions in which he was up against students from many other martial arts. In these has has been very successful and won many first place trophies. Even now, at the age of 64, KJN John is competitive, and recently came home with a second and third place trophies in the Peterborough OPen tournament, which was open to the whole of the UK.
John set up and ran two Korean Martial Arts schools, in Dereham and Swaffham, Norfolk until March 2003. These schools have already produced many Black Belt students. In 2003, John passed the schools over to one of his instructors, Sa Bum Nim Chris Winter, to allow him to turn 100% of his efforts to the Lancaster area.
All classes are currently run by KJN John himself, or by Senior Instructor, KJN Angela Prince (usually, both are present at lessons)