Little Ninjas


Having had many enquiries from parents of younger children we decided to start a special class for 4 to 6 year olds who usually do not yet have the necessary physical ability or confidence to join the regular junior class. This is our "Little Ninjas" class. In this class children work to a special programme which uses martial arts based excercise to get them fit and teach them valuable life skills which will help them as they progress into school.
However, it is important to uderstand that through this training they are actually learning the beginnings of our full Kuk Sool/Hapkido syllabus and will, as they get older, be able to progress through the normal belt system all the way to Black Belt.
The classes are a lot of fun and include basic blocking techniques using our safety blockers and also falling techniques. In place of regular sparring lessons we have "Peg and Tail" sparring, in which students try to take pegs and a "tail" (a short length of belt tucked in the back of the uniform) from their partners uniform and attach it to their own. It is great fun and a very safe way to introduce sparring.
They also enjoy games which promote martial arts capabilities, such as "The circle of Doom" (dodgeball with giant inflatable balls) as well as team games. 

These classes bring the following benefits;-
* Improved Discipline
* Better Concentration
* Teamwork & Sharing
* Balance & Coordination
* Memory
* Fitness
* Self-Defence
* And of course...lots of FUN!

The children are rewarded for their progress with coloured stripes on their white belts, including Silver stripes for showing leadership qualitites in class and a special "White Stripe" for good behaviour at home and school. After collecting enough of these they are allowed to test for their next belt.. When they are ready, they may "graduate" into our regular Junior sessions to continue their martial arts education. 
The picture below shows scenes from a typical Little Ninjas class.

Do YOU have a LITTLE NINJA at home?


Our Little Ninjas classes started early 2010 with just one class each week. This has now been increased to three times a week. As they grow in age and experience, many of our Little Ninjas transfer to our regular Junior Class, meaning that we usually have a few spaces available for new students.