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At Morecambe Martial Arts we have a number of thriving Junior classes. Although it is never too late to start martial arts training (KJN John was 37 when he began his career) we firmly believe that starting early is a key to even greater success in the future. At some of the classes we mix all ages and ranks of children together and at others we separate the older students so that both groups can get the tuition they need to progress.
Martial Arts training has much to offer children. It is a great way for them to meet new friends of all ages. In our junior classes they will work with other children of different ages, some older, some younger. At times younger children may find themselves assisting older children who may be of a lower rank. This greatly helps with building self-confidence and it also helps to improve respect for all ages..
At other times it is the older child who is helping their younger counterparts which helps them to build a sense of responsibility.
The coloured stripe system is continued into the Junior classes, inclduing the Silver and white stripes (for showing leadership in class and good behaviour at home and school). As well as motivating students, it is invaluable for instructors, who are easily able to see what each student need for their next test.


Other benefits to children include improved fitness, flexibility, and improved  behaviour at home and school. Teachers have also often commented about the improvement in concentration which can follow the start of martial arts training.
As well as the regular classes at the Dojahng, the school has run many short courses and after school clubs for local primary schools and has been asked back on many occasions. In fact some of the school's Black Belt students started their training at just such a short course.
At present, children usually start our regular Junior classes from the age of 6. They follow the same belt system as the Senior  class but with a reduced syllabus. On reaching Youth Black Belt level they receive a special black belt with a red embroidery, rather than the gold on senior belts. From the age of 16 they  may then test for a full Senior rank.
If you have younger children who can't wait to start training then don't despair! Our "Little Ninjas" classes for 4 to 6 year olds may be just what you need. See their special page by clicking here..