Your Instructors

Principal Instructor

Your principal instructor is Kwan Jang Nim (KJN) 6th Dahn Master John Ward, pictured left. John's first Instructor was KJN Phillip Hinchliffe, but he also recieved a great deal of valuable instruction from JIKJN  David Williams, now resident in Calgary, Canada. However during his martial arts career, he has also been taught by JDKJN (7th Dahn) John Ives and JIKJN John Watson. He has also attended many seminars with Kuk Sa Nim In Hyuk Suh and his sons, Alex and Sung Jin Suh. His current Instructor is 9th Dahn Rudy Timmerman, who is also Grand Master of NKMAA.
KJN John was UK Senior Grand Champion in the UK WKSA Tournament in 1999, 2000 & 2001. In 1999 he was a gold medallist in the World Championships held in Houston, Texas, USA and later achieved three medals, second, third and fourth place in the 3rd Dahn Category at the 50th anniversary competition in Katy Texas.
He has also competed sucessfully in many "open" competitions (those open to all styles of martial arts) and has won a number of first second and third places, often against much younger opposition. In 2009 he was a National All styles UK Champion.

John has been teaching Korean Martial Arts since 1999 and in Morecambe, since June 2003.
Since then well over 20 Morecambe students have reached the coveted rank of 1st Dahn Black belt and one, Angela Prince, now a partner and Senior Instructor in the school has achieved her 4th dahn. The school now has several more students who are approaching black belt testing and more who are in the process of testing for second Dahn and above. John currently holds the rank of 6th Dahn in Kuk Sool Hapkido and 5th Dahn in the tough art of Kong Shin Bup. He is the only instructor to hold master level ranks in both arts in the UK. 
Apart from when Master John is on holiday or away training.testing, all classes are currently run by him and his 4th Dahn (assistant Master) partner Angela.