NKMAA (National Korean Martial Arts Association)

The National Korean Martial Arts Association is the governing body for Morecambe Martial Arts. Rather than write our own piece it is probably better to quote from the NKMAA's own web site;-
"NKMAA was founded by GM Rudy W. Timmerman over four decades ago, and as such it is one of the oldest martial arts associations that has faithfully served Korean style martial artists the world over.
Although the association was founded back in the early 70’s, Grandmaster Timmerman did not put his back into developing NKMAA until he left the World Kuk Sool Association in 1998. Serving the WKSA as Director for all of Canada as well as Michigan, took up all his time.
Since then, he and several of his most loyal students have worked hard to assist Korean style martial artists with seminars, testing, certification, and curriculum development. NKMAA has members in nearly all corners of the world, and GM Timmerman travels extensively to assist them with training, certification, and curriculum development.
The main reason for our success is that NKMAA conducts its business without the politics and stifling rules many other associations dictate to their members.
We do not “push” our philosophies or goods on anyone, and we only ask our members to be ethical in their conduct. Members simply use the service or goods they need, and we stand by to assist them by providing our services when they ask for it. Simple, inexpensive, and effective!"

One important distinction to make between the NKMAA and other Korean Martial Arts organisations is that they teach and certificate not just one but most of the Korean arts. The National Korean Martial Arts Association (NKMAA) offers students and Instructors of: Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool, Tang Soo Do, Kong Shin Bup™, and other Korean martial arts, the following services: Registration of Rank, Certification, Testing, Consulting, Seminars and Workshops in KI Training, Weapons Training, Joint-locking, Pressure Points, Traditional Forms, and a myriad of awesome Self-defense techniques.
NKMAA Inc. is a Government registered nonprofit association dedicated to provide politically free assistance and support to Korean style martial artists of all ranks and disciplines. NKMAA Inc. was established in the early 70’s by Grand Master Rudy W. Timmerman, and our lineage can be traced back to Choi Yong Sul -- who is thought by many to be the founder of Hap Ki Do.
Further information about the NKMAA can be found be perusing their website, just click HERE