This is the website of the National Korean Martial Arts Association, of which we are a Charter School. You can read about the history and growth of most of the Korean Martial arts, including Kuk Sool, Hapkido & Kong Shin Bup.
You can also find out about GM Rudy Timmerman the founder of the organisation and Grand Master of Kong Shin Bup.

Cambridge Accademy of Martial Arts
Although not solely Korean Martial Arts School, CAMA is run by Ollie Batts who was one of the first three Kuk Sool black Belts in the UK. Since leaving the WKSA Ollie has continued to practice and teach Kuk Sool along with other martial arts including Savate escrima and other arts.
His site is very interesting for anyone involved in the Martial Arts, so give it a look

Kuk Sool Won of Beccles
A link to the web site of KJN John's original "home dojahng". Run by KJN Phillip Hinchliffe, who also run KSW of Cambridge and KSW of Loddon. Both of these other schools have website which can be accessed through this link.

The Kuk Sool Global Alliance
A link to a site which links affiliated martial arts schools who all teach the art of Kuk Sool.